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The Default Affiliate Link is best for MOST traffic sources, including cold traffic or traffic that does not have a relationship with you. (Example: banner traffic or traffic coming from ppc campaigns) This will send your traffic through our follow-up sequence that is designed to gain rapport and sell FAST!

The Optional Link is for sending traffic directly to our VSL. This is best used for warm or hot sources of traffic. (Example: traffic coming from your newsletter or email lists)

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Optional Tracking:

ClickBank will automatically track and report results from any HopLinks you use. However, you may wish to perform some additional tracking of your own, so you know which of your promotional efforts are working best for you.

Simply add ?tid= followed by your desired Tracking ID to the end of the HopLink. Please note that ?tid= needs to be in lower case only. The Tracking IDs can be up to 24 characters long, and must consist only of numbers and/or letters (no punctuation or other symbols).

Here’s an example of what a link with tracking would look like:

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