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Email Swipe 1:

Subj: A simple solution to end “PE”

If you’ve ever had a problem with your
“stamina” in the bedroom


If you just want to increase your “staying
power” then you need to watch this video now:

It’s by this guy, Jason Julius, and the
presentation he put together blew my mind…

You can watch it here:

Jason’s doesn’t hold back, so this video is
definitely not “safe for work”…

However if you’re looking for the REAL TRUTH
on how you can last at least 20 minutes
longer in the bedroom tonight!

Then head over and watch this right away..

Your Name,

P.S. Jason also gives away a technique that
you implement right away to increase the
sensation of your own orgasm by a multiple
of 10!

It’s pretty crazy…Check it out here:

Email Swipe 2:

Subj: Ejaculation Control Triad?

I just got done watching this video…

And WOW…!

…I have never seen or heard anything like
it before!

It’s all about this thing called the
“Ejaculation Control Triad”

Or the ECT…

Basically it’s a simple solution to help
guys just like you and me gain FULL control
over our orgasm!

And ONLY come when we’re ready to come!

Yes! this means no more shame and
embarrassment when you blow your load to

Believe me I know how bad that SUCKS!

The creator of the ECT is this weird guy
named Jason…

And he breaks down all the specifics of the
ECT system in this video:

As I’m writing this email anyone can still
watch it…

However, word on the street is he’s going to
close off access and start charging for it
very soon!

So you want to stop what you’re doing and
head over there now:

Your Name

Email Swipe 3:

Subj: This is extreme…

You have to check out this video…

It’s been getting passed around the internet
like crazy!

It’s not really “safe for work”…

So if you’re at the office right now you
might want to throw on some headphones…

It’s all about an insanely simple solution
to naturally last as long as you want in the

I gotta tell you I just got done watching it
and it blew my mind!

Everything in it just makes so much sense!

Check it out here:

Your Name

P.S. Right now anyone can still watch it,
however it’s become so popular I hear the
guy behind it all may start charging for it

Head over there now while you can still get
complimentary access.